September 28, 2012

I CAN apostrophe "t".

This morning I poured my cereal into a mixing bowl, and ate my cinnamon pops with a plastic spoon. Two weeks ago, when I did not have a desk, I did my homework at the kitchen table. I have done other people's dishes, inorder to make room so that I could wash my own. Why did I do these things? I did them because I am a "can-do" person. 
Day after day I hear phrases such as:

"I can't do my homework, because I don't have a desk." (Obtains desk)
"I can't do my homework, because I don't have a chair." (Is given a chair)
"I can't do my homework, because I don't have a wheely chair."(Is offered a wheely chair)
"I can't do my homework, because I don't have my own wheely chair."

To be able to do something, and to want to do something are two very different things. Being physically unable to do something is much different than waiting for ideal conditions. 

I hear:
"I can't go to the gym, because I can't find my gym sneakers."
"I can't buy new sneakers right now."

You know what is found in "I can't"?
I can!

This determined optimist is tired of excuses. Call it cliche, but I'm a believer that if there's a will, there's a way, and I can do all things through He who gives me strength, even if that means doing homework at a desk, sitting on a chair that does not have wheels. 

September 25, 2012

A Soul Says "A-choo"

Last night as I sat on the bus I watched an ambulance being transported on a tow truck. This is not a sight I often see. Day in and day out I see ambulances speeding to rescue the sick, and racing to transport them to the hospital, but once in a while I'll see ambulances and doctors that are sick. It should be completely normal, yet to me it stands out. This past weekend was very difficult for me. Without going into detail, I was betrayed, insulted, and humiliated all by not only someone whom I trust, but by a person very "high up" in the church. A well known verse came to mind, "It is not the healthy that need a doctor, but the sick" (Matthew 9:12), but what we often fail to remember is that EVERYONE is sick once and a while. I promise you that I do not think any less of the person who hurt me. I promise you that I will not treat the person any differently. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone gets consumed by things they do not wish to be consumed by, and everyone gets sick. 

If anything this was a wake up call for me. I must continue to do my best to think of everyone equally. I must remember that I too face spiritual sickness, I must help those around me by encouraging them to give themselves daily check ups of their spiritual lives. I must be very thankful for those who take care of me when I do face the inevitable spiritual sickness, but most importantly I must keep in mind who my doctor is and ask Him daily to heal me from the sickness I have and to prevent the illnesses that I face in everyday life. 

Sickness is just part of life here on earth, and you know what? 
Sometimes even ambulances need a mechanic. 

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September 23, 2012

Counting on Kyle

I don't usually write to you telling of specific people in my life, but I think this new friend deserves to be known. I have many new friends, but this one in particular stands out. He stands out, because he fits in so well in my life. Kyle is a student at the university next to mine, he, like me, has a double major, one of which being English Literature. Aside from our scholarly similarities, we have dozens of things in common. From physical features, to interests, to foods, even to how foods are prepared, etc. We have discovered that there are very few things that we do not have in common. The exact list that we have come to can be counted, it is as follows:

1. Kyle has a Y chromosome. 
2. Annie likes Cherry Sauce
3. Kyle likes Mustard
4. Annie loves Jesus

Four things. That's right. After countless conversations, we've come up with 4 things that set us apart. Now before you get all jumpy at the fact that I'm writing about a boy, please know that he is dating a great friend of mine. Oh you're probably wondering how we met! That's a good question. Kyle works with my roomie, so naturally I met him at Subway. The first time we spent time together outside of Subway was when a bunch of us went to see The Hunger Games when it was in the theatre! The defining moment of our friendship? Well that would have to be when I was ordering a sub one fine day, and just as a sandwich artist was about to put red hot peppers on my sub, he spoke out and said, "wait, she only likes the orange ones." (I'm not a picky eater, I promise. As my grandmother puts it, I just know what I like.) 

Just so you know a bit about my new friend, he is a very talented writer, a good singer, a great cook, wonderful at doing hair, he is cheery, he has good taste in movies, he doesn't care what others think of him, he is a hard worker, you can count on him, he cares vary deeply for his friends, and most importantly he goes above and beyond in all that he does. 

I can prove it. Two days ago he was helping me build a new desk, and when I had to go to class he offered to finish it for me. Not only was the desk finished when I got home, but he had also taken it up to my room for me. Hip Hip Hooray for good friends like Kyle, because new friends can be good friends, and having good friends is good.

September 21, 2012

Under Construction

Recently my part of town has had a lot of roads under construction. The main road within the university was being fixed during the first week of school, the road next to the school was under construction last week, and this week it's our turn. This means loud noises early in the morning, an increase of traffic on our street, and a lot of hollering in general. I know the reasoning behind all of this madness, I realize that eventually the roads will be much better than they were before the annoyances, and I am well aware that the earlier the workers get started, the faster the road gets repaired. Even though I have all of these things in mind, I still find myself complaining about the inconveniences. Do you ever find yourself complaining about the little trials in life that end up showing you important life lessons? They seem so annoying and bothersome at the start, but once you've moved through them, you realize why they had to happen. Construction zones are not always in the way, noisy, or annoying, sometimes you don't even notice them. I am always trying to better my life, and live life to the full, so perhaps I am permanently "under construction." 

In my reading today I came across Ecclesiastes 7:8 which says that "The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride." I think that this verse fits perfectly with my reflection today. The "end" here is not talking about finality, it is talking about result. Trials only last so long, but perseverance strengthens faith. 

September 19, 2012

The Harvest is Plenty....of Fun.

A certain city in New Brunswick plays host to a music festival every September. This year the opportunity came up, and for the first time, I experienced some of the harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. This was all made possible by a relatively new friend of mine. I found out that she was looking for someone to accompany her Friday night to the Barracks Tent. I was excited to be crossing this particular item off of my bucket list. Although it had a strong "bar-like" feeling, I found that I didn't have to appreciate the environment to enjoy some great music. It even turned out that my friend was crossing the same item off of her bucket list! It was one of those moments that I believe C.S. Lewis describes best, "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one." 

It was also pretty cool  to see one of my past professors up on stage with a trombone in her face, producing some great tunes. Now that it is over, I wish that I could have taken in more of the festival, but then again, I kind of did in a way. The city spirit made it seem as if I really was a part of the festival. Almost every business downtown decorates for the event, promotes the event, and supports it. (This was not so convenient as a first year walking by shop windows and thinking that there were a dozen or so stores that sold brass instruments...) The city spirit gives me hope, because if the city can work together so easily, and get excited about a festival, imagine what it can do with something even bigger! Dear City, let's come together for a greater purpose more often, because it really is quite fun.

September 15, 2012

Do You Relish Relish?

Thursday night I tried not only a burger from the famous Relish for the first time, but I also tried mayonaise for the first time in my life, (even though it was by accident). I am a burger person, so let me tell you I had Hiiiigh hopes for Relish. People have been raving about since it opened. A friend of mine was in the city for work, so after deciding to grab a bite, we decided on Relish. This may disappoint many of you, but there were very few things that I actually liked about the establishment. It is too noisy, it is not in a good location, the counters are way too high, the cook repeats everything the cashier says, the menu is not displayed clearly, and when your order is ready they yell your name...twice. I should also tell you that mayo was not listed on the burger that I ordered, but I ended up taking a huge bite of a mayo soaked bun. I wiped it off with my napkin, but I was still frustrated. When I walked in, I was unsure how to roder. Is it a Harvey's style burger place, where you decide what you want on the burger as they make it in front of you? Or is it more of a Mc Donalds deal where you say what you do or do not want on the burger? Oh, and did I mention the ketchup situation, well lack thereof? Yes, what burger doesn't come standard with ketchup?!? Clearly the burgers at Relish. And the Brad Burger.... why is there a burger named after the mayor? And the parking lot, it seems as though every space is reserved! oh, let's not forget about the relish... the pink relish. Why? Why pink? Is it supporting a cure for breast cancer? Is it demonstrating its fondness for anti-bullying? And what is in it? Why was my pickle put on top of my burger making the bun soggy? Why was the texture of the meat so mushy? Why was I able to find half a tooth pick between my burger and the bun? And why are fries and a drink not included in the thirteen dollar cost????? I'm sorry Relish, I just don't relish you, you're just not my scene. Aside from the clever word play, with "What do you relish?" and the burger staple "relish", there was nothing I liked about the restaurant. Needless to say, I still had a fabulous time catching up with a friend, and trying something new. I was reminded of the importance of trying new things, you never know, you just might relish something new!

September 14, 2012

One Person's Trash is....another CELEBRATION!

Last Tuesday was the first day that the garbage truck came to our house since we moved in. Now you might think that I was excited because we were finally able to dispose of all of the trash that comes with moving...but no, it was much more than that. Of course I yelled at my roommate to take a picture! This Tuesday was even more special! My roommate was quite confused, because roomie had already taken a picture last week, but I needed a picture this week too, because it was our first time using a Trius Dolly and it was the first time it was picked up! Now for all of you that are just as confused as I was about a Trius Dolly, it is essentially what Nova Scotians call a Green Bin, but instead of using it for compost, it holds garbage. I realize that the novelty of a garbage truck will wear off, and perhaps it already has, but life can be so exciting if we embrace beginnings. Sure first kisses and first days of school are important, but so are first garbage days, and first last days of school. If we experience something new everyday, learn something new every day, and celebrate life everyday, then I think we will live much happier lives. Here's to running to the living room window, and yelling "It's here!!! The Garbage truck it finally here!!!"

September 4, 2012

Drive In for Miss Daisy

I am a bit of a "Miss Daisy" when it comes to hobbies, fashion, bed times, and everything else for that matter, but going to the Drive In was on my list. I had the opportunity to go a few years ago with a few of my friends but I declined, and I had the chance to go with my mom a couple of years ago, but as we were leaving to go I got an invitation to play Catan for the first time ever (with some really cool people) so I couldn't pass that up. I just knew this summer was going to be the summer that I went to see a movie at the drive in, and it was. I waited ALL summer for The Avengers to play at the Drive In, and at one point I thought that I had missed it, but after checking the website and the sign more than a few times I finally found out when it was playing. I messaged my good friend Kaly and said, "Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I don't care which one, just pick one, cause we're going." Then I invited a couple of my favourite teenagers and we made a night of it! I was so stoked, because the early movie that was paired with The Avengers was Brave! I'm sorry to say, but my favourite movies are animated ones, and Pixar just does just a stand up job, so you can see how excited I was to find out that Brave would be playing the exact night that I was going. 

We got to the outdoor movie theatre and set up our chairs. For the majority of the first movie I couldn't hear a thing, because I wasn't close enough to the car, and I didn't want to seem like I was hard of hearing and ask to turn up the volume. Turns out, I wasn't the only one that couldn't hear, so we made sure the volume was at an adequate level for The Avengers. I had already witnessed The Avengers in theatre on the opening weekend in Fredericton with a few friends, but I was in the front row and it was just not a very enjoyable night. I'm 100% sure it was better the second time. 

Did I mention that I didn't fall asleep once?!? I'm usually in bed by 10, but I didn't get home until 2:45ish, I was pretty proud. There were a few times where they almost lost me, but I faired way better than the teens, who were out for most of the second movie.

The Drive In was such a unique experience. I'm so glad my area has fun things to do at all times of the day. I wouldn't make going to the Drive In a weekly activity (mainly because it takes me 3 days to recover) but maybe an annual one, IF the right movies are playing. Does your town have a Drive In? Have you ever gone?