June 10, 2013

A Perfect 10 (year old)

When I was young, I was fearless. Where did it go? Do we see more dangers as we grow older? Do we become more afraid of death the more we live? 

When I was younger I went on almost every ride at amusement parks, I picked up jelly fish, and I never saw death as a consequence to adventure. 

From the age of 11 to the age of 20 I was a pretty fearful individual. I saw death as a real possibility. Hiking to Memel Falls was terrifying, I rarely did anything without first researching it extensively, and I wasn't brave. 

But did you know that we are meant to be courageous? Yep! It's true. 

When I turned twenty I was tired of holding myself back, and missing out on things that looked so darn fun! That was the age I bought plane tickets and flew across the world all by myself. That was the age I started going on adventures in the wilderness of Fredericton. That was the age that I began to have no fear of death. With a great hope, and a future secure, there is nothing to fear. 

Saturday I was faced with one of those questions of "Am I too scared to do this?" and sadly my initial reaction was yes. You see, at the Canada Games Centre there are some pretty nice water slides, and as I  swam in the pool watching everyone else have fun, I knew I had to give one a try. The memory of Tidal Impact 2009 when I missed out on every water slide at Magic Mountain haunted me. I wasn't going to miss out on the much smaller scale water slides before me. Not this time! I had already driven past these water slides and wished to try them, and I didn't want to continue to drive by them living with missed opportunity hanging over my head. So when begged told encouraged by a ten year old,

     "PLEASE come with me!" (If only she knew I was thinking the same thing towards her)
     "You can do it, Annie!"  (If only she knew that's the voice I was trying to find in myself)

I accepted the challenge, but I also didn't hide my fear from her. It's important to be real with kids. She assured me I'd be fine as we climbed each and every step of the towering platform, and I may have muttered, "if I get hurt...." 

So how did I feel after the water slides? I felt such a sense of sense of accomplishment! And I also felt like I'd experienced the worst wedgie of my life. (Next time I'll stick with just the yellow slide). 

I truly realized how important it is to encourage others and for us to rely on one another...even if there is an age difference! 

If you find yourself holding back from adventure, cling to a ten year old. Kids are the bravest people I know. Don't be afraid to voice your fears! Try one thing that slightly scares you! Take small steps....all the way to the top. Don't over do it. I had the encouragement to try the diving board, but you know what? Two out of three isn't bad. So because of the wonderful ten year old I met, I am able to give myself a Perfect 10 for bravery!   

Photo from the Canada Games Centre Website. 
Be Strong and Courageous, 
do not be terrified or discouraged, 
because the Lord is with you where ever you go! 
-Deut 31:6

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